The God Frequency

Still there Pogue?

Another letter to enlighten your day. Does life get any better? And this one…it’s a long one, three sheets of paper😳, so you might want to choose your moment for reading.

In our last few letters we have started with the question, “Is God bothered” in relation to how we live our lives, day-to-day? We’ve offered up the possibility that the answer is “No”. We’ve discussed how our actions stem from our relationship and the closer we come to the Divine energy the more we begin to resonate with that frequency (for the record, my idea of “discussed” is me saying a thing and you dutifully nodding in agreement as you read the letter. That’s my favourite discussion😎).

So I’m thinking maybe we should considered the Divine energy (dare I call it Spirit?) that resonates throughout all that is and holds life together (nod in agreement).

Often understanding is hindered by language, so when the physicist talks of energy as that which makes up all that exists the religious person is appalled and wants to deny this whilst stating that it is God’s own Spirit that brings all things into being and sustains life. But if they would take a moment and consider, maybe they are saying the same things just using different language. And if they are, who am I to disagree with both science and religion? All is energy, and energy vibrates at varying frequencies, in so doing manifesting in different forms. Plus energy cannot be destroyed and is thus eternal. Yes it can change form but it still exists. Ice becomes water, becomes steam, and so on but it continues in each form.

Over recent years many books have been written on the Law of Attraction, which at it’s core states that we attract things into our lives as we focus, unwaveringly, on them, thinking as if we actually already have them. There is a little science wrapped around this so if you want to be thin, for example, you abandon fat thoughts (no more “I’m not going to be fat” but rather “I am slim and shapely” even though you’re not there yet) and no placing the intended goal in the future (no “i want to be…” or “I’m becoming…”) but rather we are to think as if our desired intention has actually arrived, so we think “I am…” this or that.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Albert Einstein

Now tell me, is this the same as faith, faith being “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1) the firm conviction that something desired actually will come to be? For our part we just live as if it is already. We change our energy from lack and doubt to a belief in sufficiency, which may be harder than it sounds.

Me, I’m thinking that this change takes place through meditation, in the place of silence, in prayer and by prayer I don’t mean the repeated petitioning of the Universe, the “Oh God, if you’ve ever provided now’s the time, Oh God, if you’re out there, God if you hear me…” sort of prayer (I’m not even sure that is prayer. It sounds more like pleading doesn’t it?). By prayer I am thinking of the deep exchange, the “deep calls to deep” communication that take place in our spirits. Let me remind you Pogue that it is written in your Bible that God has given us “everything in Christ”. So what more is there to ask for. Rather it is a matter of appropriating what has been given and that’s where the learning lies. To attract it into your life. To live as is. To resonate at the appropriate frequency and so, by faith, have that thing.

I say again, it is in the place of silence that you will bring this to be. It is in the quieting of your life, the pushing away of the frenetic activity of your day, the chain of thoughts of what needs doing, the silencing of the many voices that ply for attention. Many would say that this is life vibrating at a high level, action, activity, engagement, but I’m thinking, and this is counterintuitive again, that in the silent place, in the meditative soul, the prayerful spirit, we are resonating at the highest frequency. And my rationale for this thought? We draw near to God in this activity and are touched by the God frequency, which is as high as energy gets. Think of the recent storms that blew about us. At the beginning we felt the breeze on our faces. It was gentle and did not distract us and barely rustle the plants in the garden. But by the height of the storm it was hard to walk out, branches broke from trees, indeed in places trees fell. We did nothing, just stood right up to the point where it was too uncomfortable to continue. No frenetic activity.

Spiritual practice is not just sitting meditating. Practice is looking, thinking, touching, drinking, eating and talking. Every act, every breath, every step can be practiced and can help us become more ourselves.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Maybe a poor comparison, but you get the idea of how the level of energy increases? As such, there must be a determination on our part to achieve the level we are comfortable with and then push further. It is in this place that our relationship begins to deepen. Plus we become more able to be with that energy. Like, being closer to God is not a comfortable thing to do, when first experienced. It’s an experience we do not know initially so I’m guessing we need to practice it to become use to it, to get the most from it. It’s dangerous. Do you remember the story of Moses and how he asked to see God? There in the desert he was in conversation with God, which I’m going to take as being in the silence we have spoken of. And God grants him his request but with a caveat. God will hide him in a cleft in the nearby rocks and then God’s presence, described as God’s Glory, will pass by.

Then I remember an account I read of Jonathon Edwards’, the great American revivalist, wife Sarah who, loved “to be alone…and seems to have someone invisible conversing with her”, experiencing God in a deep way as she endeavoured to get closer to the Divine. So overwhelming was the experience, according to accounts, that she would eventually ask for it to cease. There are many others who are said to have had similar experiences but I guess, even the best of us is not initially built for such experience and only through practice and stretching ourselves is it possible.

Like any practice we increase our ability, our awareness the more we do it and when establishing relationship we need to do it, over and over, to create something of worth. Can we increase our own energy? Well I’m sure there are paths of discipline that will do so, up to a point. The shedding of a bad habit. The walking away from a toxic relationship. The placing oneself in a situation where there’s knowledge to be learnt, a place where there is more positive energy than we are currently experiencing. Consciously moving away from things that hold us back. And all of these involve work and effort.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

But in the final analysis there comes a point where we can do no more of our own efforts and that’s when we need to let go, go to the silence and expose ourselves to the ultimate force, albeit only being able to stand at the very edge for a long while. Can any of us summons the wind? Well it was recorded of Jesus that he could calm it so I guess he could have done the reverse, but you and I…? However we can all feel it when it comes. We can all expose ourselves to it and the degree we expose ourselves, well that’s our choice, a comfort thing. We define our level of experience.

There’s a lot to think about coming out of this envelope that popped through your letter box this morning, but thinking is good and maybe we’ll be moved to experience. It is in experience I find I ground my thoughts and turn them to knowledge. Take your time with this. After all, it’s an eternity thing.

Yours, with my face turned to the wind,


6 thoughts on “The God Frequency

  1. ”There’s a lot to think about coming out of this envelope that popped through your letter box this morning, but thinking is good and maybe we’ll be moved to experience.”

    There surely is! And I need to do it!

    Great post, Wic! Thank you for taking the time to write it! ❤


  2. To know the one who is the core of the energy is the start. The deeper one gets into experiencing that energy deepens our faith in it. and also causes us to seek more of it. The it is called by several names, written about, worship and trusted as best one can. I searched for the core of my seeking that energy for years. All I read about left me with no peace until I bought a bible and read about Jesus Christ, God Son and His love for me. There and only there I found the energy, the love of God. It’s real, it lives in me to draw upon, it never leaves me and daily I wake up knowing, not wondering, but knowing Him. As I have aged and my faith has aged and I have experienced Him working in my life to where I trust no other because no other sent His son to die for my soul. Someday I will see Him face to face. While I am still in my earthly body and mind I can only see the fringes of His ways, Job 26 :14 Behold, these are the fringes of His ways. Job 26 tells of the greatness of God, how He hangs the earth on nothing, wraps up the water in His clouds, He puts the boundaries of light and darkness, He quiets the seas with His power, etc. My goodness this was a great post, you went deep to bring out a gathering of words that would cause pondering in ones mind. Thanks for using a measure of your time to write in a way to cause those who read it to ponder and seek.

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  3. According to JUPITER –
    With an almighty ‘BANG’, the first Cosmic wormhole was forged.
    It was an escape route from the biggest Blackhole that ever existed called THE SUPER-NOVA APOCALYPSE ABYSS…


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