Monday Musing.

Dear Pogue,

Did we wake on Thursday morning to a pivotal moment in world history? Well that’s what some of the commentators were saying as Russian tanks began to roll into Ukraine? Was the world about to change? Was this the prelude to war in Europe?

There was so much to muse on Thursday.

I ask you, how does one prepare for the world one knows, is familiar with, to change? When things are happening on such a colossal scale there is a feeling of helplessness, of irrelevance. It puts one’s life in a different perspective, making us realise how fragile things can be. I watched the TV and saw homes destroyed and refugees on the road seeking sanctuary. Again I was reminded that all we possess is so easily removed, how ever rich and powerful we may be.

That’s what I take into this week. A solemn reminder of how life is so fragile. How do we live with that awareness? We determine to make the most of each day, to find satisfaction in what we do, be that at work or at play, whether we sit at home writing our blog, lead a business, keep our home. Whatever, we must seek to live without regrets both over things done and things not done. Instead establishing what brings peace into our personal world and then walking that path.

I heard someone remorsefully recount how the last words said to a lover were harsh words and now that person is gone…forever. None of us wants to carry that sort of regret forward, carried like a heavy pack through life, drawing away joy and happiness when remembered. Stealing life. So lets determine to leave each encounter we have in a state of peace. We may not agree with each other, but let’s respect the right of the other to have an opinion.

This week let us live with people rather than against them or over them. You don’t agree with their lifestyle? Well be the difference by bringing your energy into each situation and leave peace. Then leave. Like a battery we all need to recharge in order that we can give our best. Nature’s Law, we’re tired we sleep, hungry we eat, weary we rest and losing our peace we seek our place of restitution.

The events of the week just gone are an absolute reminder to us to live the best life we can, for our own sake, to ensure at the end of each day we retire with peace accompanying us.

And then, as I wrote, the news announced Mr Putin had put Russia nuclear forces on alert…

The week?

Yours, a little concerned,


3 thoughts on “Monday Musing.

  1. It is sad what Russian’s Putin has unleashed in Ukraine and the whole world now. 😌😒I feel sad about it every day. I hope this does not escalate further as it seems likely to. Love is all we need to share with everyone every single day and moment. We never know when death will part us. Thanks for noting this.


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