Monday Musing

Dear Pogue,

Do you think God is really bothered?

A strange, and maybe troubling question for a Monday morning you’re thinking. Go on. Push back with “Of course God’s bothered. God is Love and love is always bothered. It wants the best”.

Nice reply, but let me add some illumination to my question. Every so often I come across persons who are hung up on getting things right and as such they are seeking God’s guidance. Or others who, naming God by a different name, are stuck, waiting for the Universe to reveal the path to them. Whatever, they both await the action of the ultimate entity. Life seems to be on pause or at least, the next supposedly major decision is held in abeyance. There’s prayer or meditation, or whatever medium is favoured, to elicit the response of the Divine. And so often, there’s silence.

You see, I’m thinking, and I appreciate I’m one on my own, that God actually isn’t bothered. In a moment of religiosity I took a skim read through parts of the Bible. There’s Abraham who spent the major part of his life as a nomadic wanderer going no way very slowly. There was no great revealing of some specific route. Or Moses and his gang of Israelites who aimlessly wandered around the wilderness for forty years. The direct route to the so called Promise Land was but a few weeks long but they wandered. Or, dare I say Jesus, who after the birth narrative has one incident of significance recorded in the first 30 years of his life. Other than that, life just went on and was God bothered?

I’ve used this analogy before but it’s worth a second airing. A parent sends the children out to play and the children choose from a variety of games. Two play tag, one climbs a tree, three throw a ball. If a child asked “What colour ball shall I use” the likely answer is “Well, that’s for you to choose”. Life happens. Life goes on and part of the child’s experience is making the choices that add little bits of colour to the everyday, be that the decision to throw the red ball or to play in the sand rather than climb the tree.

The important thing is that the child feels and knows security because the parent is there in the background and the experience of the child assures her that this adult will act in her best interest if necessary. That there is someone who takes an interest and cares about the child.

The same with God (or whatever name is used). We are all in the game of life (forgive me if ‘game’ sounds flippant when applied to life but you get my meaning) and whatever we choose to do, that’s our decision to make. Yes, again using the child, we can sit and share our experience, ask our questions, voice our concerns, express our excitement and so build relationship with the Divine. And in doing so, as much as the child shares these things and builds relationship, we build relationship thereby enlarging our understanding of God and Love.

It’s those who have this relationship who are most able to get on with life without the questions because their relationship assures them of the right course of action, the best thing to do. They don’t need to stop and cry out in fervour, “What should I do?”, because they know, maybe only in a very general way, but they know the path to take.

I remember hearing about a Christian minister call Catherine Kulhman who, when attending another’s church to conduct a service was asked by the leaders to join them in prayer specifically for the coming service. Her reply? “No thank you, I keep prayed up”, meaning I live in that place of relationship, not in a place where I dip in and dip out when I think necessary.

So life is best done by living in that place of relationship, “prayed up” or whatever you would call it. To live in an awareness of what is best, how life should be lived to achieve the most. To be in a place of quiet assuredness knowing God holds the best and in a relationship that is reassuring.

Go and do relationship this week. It’s full of rewards.

Yours, off to climb a tree,


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