Songs To Pogue… What I’m Listening To Now

What’s Up Pogue,

Here’s a song that tells a story of those moments of pleasure that make up our fondest memories. And there are those special unique moments such as your first kiss, or maybe that night you spent with friends and you wished it would never end. All the cosmic tumblers were lined up and everything was right in that moment. One of those moments that we can refer to as magic.

We all have them and will occasionally find ourselves lost in the past, a smile on our face, remembering the moment and trying to suck the marrow from it so we can taste again.

I’m thinking the singer is singing of people and occasions that are real to her. And I love that line, “Every old sock meets an old shoe”. There’s a line to give hope.



4 thoughts on “Songs To Pogue… What I’m Listening To Now

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