Where Do The Birds Go (The Bigger Question)?

I asked you where the birds went
We wondered but we didn’t know
Our enquiry was honest
Our interest keen

But now a darker question begins to form
Where did the Jews go?
Throughout histories darker hours
Here one day and gone the next

Then the Tutsi?
that Rwandan people
Slipped from view
While the world noticed not

As did so many in Kosovo
And in the Killing Fields of Cambodia
The Native Americans of the Plains
Or Aztecs under Spanish rule

In our time and in history
So many disappear
But so few ask
Where did the bodies go?

Where did the birds go?
I quite forgot
And that honest enquiry
Turns so sour when people are concerned

Why wouldn’t we choose
To look elsewhere?
And believe they pass to a better world
Where there is no pain

Leaving us no guilt
Let’s not remember
That evil prevails when good men
Notice not

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