The Crow

There’s a crow on the fence
And she’s watching me
Watching me

And I know she knows more than I do
Because she’s been here a hundred years
A thousand years
Long before I sat down

She wonders at the futility of my life
The struggles
The effort
The hopes
The dreams

She wonders at all men and women
And the way they live
Never accepting the world
Or realising they’re one
With all that is

Fighting for more
Struggling for less
Never settling
Seldom at peace
Not understanding what is

The crow knows all of the world
Far more beyond
Knows all of this moment
Knows peace in her heart
See the turmoil in mine

She communes with all life
Is part of all things
Is touched by the great power
Is familiar with such
Is at ease in this eternal moment

There’s a crow on the fence
And she’s watching me
Bemused by how complicated
We’ve made simplicity

9 thoughts on “The Crow

      • Hi Wic. Thank you, I have shared on Fb with your website link, and to date 29 people have “liked” it….so hopefully this is a bit of help you are looking for.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wisdom, insights, irritations, passions over the years. Wishing you a content, peaceful Christmas and a magical and joyful 2022. With love Lindsey

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      • Thank you for putting on your Facebook. It’s nice to be ‘liked’ occasionally 😌And a Merry Christmas to you and a fulfilling 2022.


  1. Oh wow, such a charming piece. The first stanza “There’s a crow on the fence and she’s watching me, watching me” grabbed my attention and kept me hooked to the poem till the end. I sometimes wonder how amazing poets are. They can take every view point/perspective, be it an animal’s, a ordinary object’s or a human’s, to explore a theme and drive a point home. As I read, i felt as if I was the crow, watching from a distance all the struggles and tribulations of mankind, till i almost forgot I’m human and said, “Mankind is struggling with basic things, i see.” 😅 Oh, i loved it. This is the power of poetry and fantasy combined. You’re great, fitting well in the category of Edgar Allan Poe who also wrote a fantasy poem “The Raven”. 👏👏💖

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    • I’m not sure I’m that good😳But I’ll take the compliments thank you very much. I just started writing and ended up where I did. Things seem to reveal themselves once we start moving.


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