I am the…Devil?

Well Pogue,

I’m beginning to think that I’ve discovered my superpower!

I’m assuming that these youthful good looks don’t count as a superpower? No? I thought not. Shame. You have to try. Anyway, my superpower? I lead people astray. I can do it with ease and often they don’t even know it’s happening. So, am I the Devil? At least there is a section of religious people who, after reference to their scriptures, might think so. Or at least one of the Devil’s agents. But I’ve checked, standing in front of a full length mirror, no pointy tail and definitely no horns on my head.

So who am I?

Let me explain how this works. I find myself, quite often, standing at the point with a person who is procrastinating over committing to their dream or lamenting over their inability to realise it or is maybe preparing for failure. It feels like they need someone to give them permission or validate their ability. And there I am saying “You absolutely can do this” or just “Get out there and do it. Commit to it. Buy the ticket. Make the call. Raise your hand…because if you don’t you’ll regret it now and who knows how long that regret will live with you”. Oh, and I’m not hanging around until next time on the off chance you’ll commit then. If you need pushing over the edge, here I am now!

There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela

Now, if they want to do something particularly cool, something I have on my bucket list, (or soon to be there) then I may hold their hand when they jump. I mean, I always have room for “cool”.

There are so many people in the world who need to realise how great their potential is. And the saddest thing is, many will pass from this world without having realised that potential. They have the winning lottery ticket and are too frightened to cash it in. Why? Well who knows what happens next? Others will pass from this world in blissful ignorance.

I may have just done you, and anyone you allow to read this letter, a disservice because now you all realise you have a lottery ticket to cash and potential to realise so I have deprived you of “blissful ignorance”. But do I care? Nope, I am the Devil, or maybe, just maybe, I am the opposite bringing you an awareness of your God given gifting. Maybe I’m here showing you that the limitations you perceive are only in your head and there for any one of a number of reasons.

Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.

Mandy Hale

Could it be you tried and failed. That sucks, I know, but you didn’t fail, rather you learnt one of the ways not to achieve what you seek. It was a lesson and we all need lessons, sometimes a lot of lessons, to enable us to perfect a thing. Could it be that there are people telling you that you won’t be able to do that thing? And you listened to them…Shame On You! You are the one who writes the story of your life so take back possession. Oh, and do it with a little bit of attitude.

God, the Universe, Source, which ever name you use for the ultimate, is not going to hold you back from realising your potential. It says somewhere in your Bible that “If the Son of Man (basically God) shall set you free you will be free indeed” and God’s freedom is limitless. It’s a vast ocean of possibility into which most only dip their toes. But you’re going to swim!

OK, I know it’s not always comfortable and is a little scary around the edges but that actually has more to do with our relationship with God than what we are able to do. Then, maybe me saying “You’ve got this” is more comforting than the Universe’s invitation to move forward, to come in and enjoy the water, because I’m actually not that scary. But the more that you step into the unknown, the more into God, into Absolute Potential, little by little comfort will set in. Like in any relationship.

With all that said I’m now thinking I’m am indeed not the Devil but rather closer to an angel although in honesty (and that’s the currency you and I trade in) I didn’t spot any wings 🥺

You’re so busy doubting yourself whist others are intimidated by your potential


So, you need to set your sight on the vastness of the ocean and accept it is there for you. The limitless ocean of potential beckons. I won’t tell you that the way ahead will be easy. In fact experience has taught me that it can be darn right tough but it’s in the hard times lessons are best learnt. Experience is a keen teacher. Then, ensure you listen because occasionally the thing you believe you need to do or desire to have isn’t the best (or even any good) at all. If you’re leaning into Potential, that is God, and that relationship is growing, you will know and there will be a better way to fulfil your potential shown to you. Honest! It’s out there for you and I’m here to lead you astray when you start to deny yourself and listen to those naysayers. Drink coffee and lead people astray, it’s what I do 😎

Now where did I leave that trident.

Yours, off to ring the Papal Office and check on that sainthood,


7 thoughts on “I am the…Devil?

  1. Oh man! With blog posts like this, you can keep leading me astray! Ha!
    Thank you for these wonderful words – you may need to type out clear directions next though 😛
    There were a few things in here that made me smile… so thank you for that ❤


  2. Somehow I missed this one. You do have a unique way of expressing yourself. I agree with most of what you said. Some left me a little confused but then I am old and a lot slips past me anymore. And you already know where I stand so I won’t repeat myself. What I want to say to you is keep encouraging others to reach beyond their small point of view of them self. God wants all of us to reach His goal for ourselves. Through the years I have learned that I will be what I am meant to be if I just trust Him to guide me. He has already put into me gifts and abilities that only need encouraged and sometimes some schooling to come to fullness. How I wish someone had told me these thing when I was young. I really did not start trusting the one who understood me cause He created me for a purpose till I was in my 30″s. Those ledges are scary, jumped off a few in my time, actually still jumping in some areas. Ledges does not stop appearing no matter ones age. I am glad you are not the devil…

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