Monday Musings

Morning Pogue,

Tell me, was it Thoreau who wrote:

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front the essential facts of life”?

I think it was, and today I went to the woods to immerse myself in nature, to wander without destination through the trees and to receive counsel from the silence, broken only by birdsong. It was good, so good and I needed it.

You see the previous week had ambushed me and unexpectedly filled the hours with stress and overthinking, which I can excel at! Over concern and an unplanned, overlong, journey made at short notice. Life always has the potential to throw you a curve ball. Best laid plans and all that. Now having seen the week through and achieved closure on things, having overcome the ambush, there is a need to ground myself and find balance. Restore peace. Nature has a way of doing that.

I have let this wash over me and given myself to it. It’s said God wrote two books. One was the Scriptures, and the other? The other is nature and that is where I find myself going to commune with the Universe, God or probably the most appropriate term to apply when finding God in nature, the Native American people’s term, the Great Spirit. Maybe more than many they understand God’s testimony written in nature.

We seek satisfaction in so many places and at so much expense mindless to the fact that it is all given so freely and with such eloquence. The Lakota people have a proverb:

When a man moves away from nature his heart becomes hard.

Now I’m off to check out Thoreau.

Have a good week.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. As I have mentioned many times before… there’s just something about trees, for me!
    Unfortunately, it isn’t safe for me to go to any wooded area around here. So I have to be happy with the five trees in my yard. I am often ‘outstanding’ in the early mornings as the sun is coming up, and in the dark of night 😉 Because I go outside, and just stand. I love it! Tilt my head back and just look up at my trees. They’re my go to when I am happy, when I am sad, and even when I am a bit grumpy or cross. Somehow, they always bring me comfort and joy, and peace.
    I have a picture of me, staring up in awe, in the midst of a wooded area at St Fagans… and sometimes I go to that picture, close my eyes, and remember what that was like – perhaps one day I shall return there again, but for now the memory definitely feeds a piece of my soul!
    And after that very long comment, ha ha, I have to agree! There was a second book! Nature for sure…. and for me, it was all about trees! 😉

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  2. Nature should call us…and make us think about the creator. Cause sometimes nature will calls us to do some introspection that will lead to seeking more real truth. Nature is touchable…you can touch a tree, feel the water, in the rivers, not only touch but see. Only the wind is invisible and we see only the affects of the wind. It causes the leaves on the trees to move, and the water in an ocean to have whitecaps. In Job 26:5-14 it says, Behold, there are the fringes of His ways. This verse makes my heart leap for if we can only the the fringes of His beauty here on earth, think of the beauty heaven will be. But we will have new eyes to see beyond the fringes. Good you are taking breaks and unstressing for a little while.


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