Monday Musing


I wrote to you about why I write in my last letter and made mention of the way words came be used. Then I came across this:

Do you ever come across a new word or a word used in a way you hadn’t heard before? If you do, do you take note of it? I often write words in a note book and then add the meaning so I can also use them. I feel it is like placing another colour on a canvas. Then occasionally I will reread a piece I’ve written and mindfully try to substitute words for ones I seldom use so as to make them an active part of my vocabulary.

Let’s spend the week noticing the words we use and playing with them.

Life is an ongoing education if we but let it be.

Your, note book in hand,


One thought on “Monday Musing

  1. Oh, this is something I need to do, expand my vocabulary. I know it would help make my writing more interesting to someone reading me. Never too old to learn more, thanks for the reminder.


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