Songs to Pogue…What I’m Listening To

Hey Pogue,

Just been sitting in my favourite coffee shop and enjoying a flat white (2 actually) and some of that excellent cake that they always seem to have. And as always, while I sipped, I listened to the cool sounds that filled the air. What a great way to spend the morning. To top it all the sun shone!

In our last letter I mentioned that it’s important not to miss the detail while taking in the whole scheme of things so while I sat there I was trying to remain “in the moment” so to speak. There really were so many of my favourite details to absorb (I’ll have another piece of cake…please). But I picked out this tune for you.

Cool, ehhh? If you want we could repeat the exercise and drink coffee, eat cake and listen to the music together? Oh, and it’s your turn to pay…

Let me know if you’ll be there.


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