Monday Musings.

Monday morning Pogue😊

Let’s do things in reverse and start by saying “Have a good one” which we usually finish with. There’s a minor rebellion just there. Good, got that out of the way.

Here’s a trade secret.

Before I blog I write my words in a note pad. I believe I’m part of a vanishing breed who remember how to write words with a pen. Anyway, when I start my pad I write on the front of the first page and then the front of the second page, then the third and so on. I never write on the reverse side of any page. When I reach the end of the pad, maybe 50 blogs later (I buy big pads) I turn the pad around and write my way back to the beginning using the reverse side. With me this far?

Now, someone spotted this and enquired “why don’t you write on the reverse side after the front, like everyone else?” Like there’s some sort of rule.

Well, firstly there’s an assumption that everyone else actually does use a pad that way and who knows? “Everyone else” is a mechanism for strengthening our argument unsupported by evidence. Then, assuming that most do follow this method, I would throw the question back and ask “Why should I?”. Why is there a level of conformity and only a few outliers challenge the norm? Indeed, in life why do so many walk a well trod path and just a handful choose the “path less trod”?

Is it the need to think for oneself if you take the “path less trod”? My observation is that there is a reluctance to do so. I sometimes feel there is a fear attached to stepping outside the boundaries or what is considered normal.


Well being or acting differently attracts attention and brings the so called “norm” into question and the “norm” doesn’t get high on being questioned or challenged.

Then if you are or do things differently you’ll get noticed and people aren’t always kind. History tells many tales of individuals who have been ostracised because they saw and did life differently. Only time proved them correct.

Thirdly, and finally for today, if you are going to find a different way to do things you will need to take time to explore, to risk failure, to repeat, expend energy and all the time be expanding your mind to accept “different” and “possibility”. Combine this with the need to put aside the opinions of others and maybe forfeiting acceptance. You will be facing a challenge.

So here I am writing my way from the back of the pad to the front having filled all the front sides of the pages. And acceptance? It’s overrated.

Happy days.


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