Sometimes it’s just a good thing.

Dear Pogue,

Recently we received a text from someone, a person with religious inclinations, announcing that a new chapter of their life was about to begin and God would be blessing them along the way because, well, God had planned this new chapter. I baulk at this sort of conversation because I just can’t believe that God preordains our lives and predetermines how they should be lived. That’s not how I have come to understand God. Additionally, the person had resisted going down this path for sometime although they would, I’m sure, state this was God’s timing. I’ve learnt not to argue these discussion because I can’t win. For many, the ways of God are inscrutable.

Rather, when it comes to discussions of predetermined lives and paths mapped out I think of things more like a parent who sends the children out to play. As you will have realised by now I do reduce ideas to pictures and stories to help me understand (and remember). Anyway, the parent is not concerned whether they play ball or hide and seek or climb trees.

And so with life. We’ve thought about a multitude of possible human existences and therefore multiple experiences in our last correspondence.

Does God ‘bless’ whatever we perceive that to mean? Maybe better, does God treat us good, real good?

Absolutely, but there is a requirement for us to live in a place where we can receive god things. Yes, we can still play ball or hide and seek or climb trees. That isn’t the issue. The issue is allowing the ‘good’ thing to come or manifest. We’ve discussed synchronicity and The Law of Attraction, both being dependent on focusing and holding in focus that thing we desire. Some would refer to it as prayer. Whatever, it’s alignment. It’s spiritual or to use another word for the same thing, vibrational. Basically we move ourselves into the frequency of blessing and whether we use prayer or meditation or…whatever is not important.

We live in the unfaltering expectation of receiving. So the question isn’t if I take this path will God bless me. God has nothing to do with it! God’s not bothered anymore than the parent. Whichever one you choose it was one of a possible number of choices and they will all be good because you have aligned yourself spiritually, mentally and intentionally with possibility. With the God realm. With the frequency of the good things that pervade Universe. We’ve corresponded about how love, kindness, courage and the like all produce higher frequencies (boy we’ve corresponded a lot!) and that ‘like’ attracts ‘like’ so those things moving at a higher level cause you to experience other things that exist at that level, so called blessings, whichever path you are on. God waits on all possible paths.

If you get nothing else this morning get this. God loves to give god things! I’ve told you of an occasion when I received something, something that I had been focused on for a long time. Something that could have changed the direction of my life. So when I had possessed it a while and life was going on much the same as before I asked, “God, why did you give me this as I can do nothing with it for you?” You see, at that point I believed that all exchanges with God were transactional. Now I know otherwise and God’s reply to my question was to become part of my understanding. She said, “Here’s a good thing. Enjoy it”.

That was a sort of wake up call. Why? Because to that point what I had learnt, what I then believed in was a system ladened with requirements even though it insisted that God gave freely, “Freely I have given, you also freely give”.

So for want of a picture, because you’ll remember a picture, the children play their various games in the garden and then the parent calls them over and everyone gets an ice cream. When it’s finished off they go to continue playing. It was freely given without requirement. For the parent the pleasure the children experienced was enough. “Here’s a good thing. Enjoy it.”

Pogue, whatever you do do it with love and kindness. Radiate a higher frequency and you will have placed yourself where you receive equally good things, things some call blessings. Then understand that God has not predetermined your route for life, not hoodwinked you into thinking you have free will when you don’t but rather will walk with you whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to be. Maybe even hand you an ice cream or two.

Enjoy a blessing today,

Yours, smiling at life,


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s just a good thing.

  1. this was a timely post for me. I am skeptical of those who use God’s leading to sometimes get them out of tight spots. And I can truthfully say that because I have done exactly that. Through the years I have come to believe God just wants to work the fruits of His Spirit in our lives no matter our choices. We have moved too much for me to think God directed every move yet we moved anyway and each time was given several choices to pick for the future. Our last move was one of three choices we felt we could safely pick from and we chose the most comfortable for us, living near our daughter who will be our care giver. I remember well looking to the Lord for guidance for what country to go to when we started our overseas journey. The one we picked out and the ministry we picked out was not exactly what we ended up doing. No big deal because the core of our heart was to just serve Him anywhere we went. Now that we have made that last final decision as to where where we will live and when it gets tough we wonder would the other two been easier. Honestly, they would not because all decision as to God’s will is based on our heart attitude in them. He is everywhere, cannot get away from Him if even I wanted to, some have tried and ended up in a pig pen eating slop. The daily lesson is how to you want me to respond to life with the Lord in it. I am glad I cannot get away from Him, that truth gives me comfort and power to just look to Him for my heart. Good post Wic.


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