Monday Musings


Do you ever say “I haven’t got the time”?

I have this app on my phone 📲 that will view a piece of text in a foreign language and offer up a translation. Great for menu’s when traveling. I don’t get unpleasant surprises any more when the plate arrives. That aside I’m suspecting that if I asked the app to translate “l haven’t got the time” it would offer me something like “That’s not a priority so it won’t get done” or, “I’m really not interested in that thing, that person, so I won’t get involved”. Sound about right?

How we choose to spend our time gives a clear indication of our priorities and if we do it consistently we are sending a clear message. So don’t disguise things by appealing to the clock. It’s a tool not a master. Call things as they are. You’re already committed? OK. That happens. But if you’re choosing between this and that, this person and that person and it is all down to choice, say it as it is, “Actually I don’t”want to do that, see him, help her”. Not “Sorry, I haven’t got the time“. Actually you do have the time, it’s just how you choose to spend it. There’s always a choice.

Some of us have the app. Who do you think you’re fooling? Only yourself and if there’s one person you need to be honest with, you’re the one.

So, can you do something for me?😎

Have an honest week.


The Wisdom’s In The Footnote

In every situation we have the luxury of choice. How we use this tells a lot about us.

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I have to challenge myself often about this thing called time. In our busy years there was never enough time and now there is too much time that I tend to feel guilty. I along with my husband have a hard time enjoying lots of time. Time is never empty unless we chose for it to be. Good post.


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