Monday Musings


Here’s a musing to take into the week for you.

Is being kind more important than being truthful?

I found myself in a discussion with a person who was adamant that the truth always comes first and this troubled me because there are occasions when insisting on the truth does not improve the situation but rather just brings a world of hurt and pain. For example a person lives with happy memories of a partner or family member but unbeknown to them that person betrayed them regularly before they passed. Is it not kinder to let the person live with their memories? The other has gone and the truth will not make an iota of difference. Can we let kindness prevail?

Yes, I know there are times when the truth is an absolute. It determines the future, It will become part of our history. It needs to be heard and all that is not true needs revealing. It will all make a difference, a real difference.

So, maybe there is a correlation between truth and kindness. Maybe we should assess what is the greater benefit in every situation. What is the saying? “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. But if it doesn’t? If it just imprisons in a world of pain?

Let me know your thoughts. Maybe you have insight I haven’t thought of.

Go thinking into this new week.


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. What is the intention of telling the truth? If it is not to be kind, then keep the mouth shut.
    There you go, Wic, that’s my thought for today, sending with love and joy, Lindsey

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  2. If the truth is going to hurt another, and isn’t a ‘need to know’ situation, (like the example you gave) then what is the point?
    I don’t have an answer to this… but I do know that for me personally in the last two weeks, MY choice regarding this is simply ‘Meg, stop for a minute. Consider it from a perspective of wisdom and discernment. Is it necessary? Process this properly. Okay! Now you can proceed!’
    But that’s just me… and my own little contribution to your comments 😉


  3. Great question. I guess it would be according to what the issue was if truth was to be shared or not. I have wished many times I did kept truth to myself in order not to hurt. I love truth for it does set free but one must ask themselves is it worth it, who does truth cost and will truth fix the issue? Many questions come into play when it comes to truth. Kindness must tump though even when truth is spoken even though kindness takes on many form. When our son was in his Marine training he suffered from being screamed at constantly from his Drill Instructors. He told us that he had alway lived with compassion and was not use to have to deal with non compassionate people. We told him that compassion comes in many form. Those DI were training him to now get himself killed and others along with him which resulted in hard training. It was compassion in another form with insight. His ability to hold his own when needed would not have come unless those tough DI did their job. Again I say, kindness comes in many form and sometimes it carries hurt with it that will makes us stronger for it. It take courage to show kindness instead of blasting someone with a truth that only hurts and does not teach compassion with it. Just a few of my thoughts.

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