Monday Musings


A musing continuing the theme of love💕

Last week I set out for a walk on a sunny morning. Despite the sunshine the temperature was near zero but that gave the day a freshness that was embracing. Because I often chose a world of solitude I walked away from town and into the countryside. All was vibrant with the frost melting and the hedgerows full of life. My senses were heightened in those first few kilometres and my mind rattled through thoughts and ideas.

But as I continued I tired. It had rained on previous days and the paths had turned to mud in several places. My boots became heavier and my clean trousers, well they now told of my day’s adventure. My thoughts had narrowed and settled on one or two themes and the vibrancy of the hedgerows had change to a comfortable acceptance. Not a “taking for granted” because I was still given reason to stop and smile as a pair of magpies burst out. Morning Mr Magpie.

Some hours later I returned home, wearied but contented. Mud bearing testimony to the journey so, not clean and fresh as when I set out but colored and contented by the experience.

And isn’t that love? A beginning of excitement and expectation but lacking experience as we set forth. An alertness to all that is new coupled with a desire to consume information and engage all emotions. So much, too much. But as the journey continues, measured in time rather than distance, we settle into our stride, engaging the most essential of senses and allowing these liberty to grow and mature which engenders an increasing satisfaction.

Come the journey’s end we will be tarnished and wearied because the walk of love is demanding, it has its moments, the path is clear, the path is not clear, there are hills and there are dales but all the time we mature and our investment grows. The more we learn to love the richer we become in our character.

So when you walk this week think of this metaphor. Do you walk in short bursts? Or are you settled in for the long haul? Would you avoid the more scenic journey because it is the more difficult? The metaphor goes on and on.

Have a good week.


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I tend to walk in quick bursts. What I need now is to slow down and enjoy the scenic route. To sit still and smell the fresh air, pause, breathe and feel every bit of nature’s blessing. Thank you for this contemplative text. Have a wonderful week.

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  2. This is a great way to explain love, easy at start but full of mud. I have learned after 54 years it takes courage to walk through the mud with someone. We get ask a lot because we have those years behind us , how do we do it? I want to say commitment but I can tell you, we have both failed at that one. Just cause a person does not get a divorce does not mean they don’t check out on their marriage. Our first 12 years were full of hurt, misunderstandings, and wrong wrong focus, not good qualities for making a marriage last. We had children after those 12 years and I can see why people stay together for their sake, they become all in our hearts. When I became a believer something changed inside of me, forgiveness resided in my heart, a deep, rooted that can’t wash away with tears and pain kind of forgiveness. Being married through the grid of forgiveness takes courage also because who wants to forgive when you are hurt and think you are right about whatever. This pushed me to gain some understand that love does not have to be felt to exercise it. Jesus did it, He did not feel that love for us as He looked to the cross but He did it anyway. As an old song says, love is not a feeling, it’s an act of the will. I am sure you had to exercise your will to lift those heavy mud drenched boots. My book is on forgiveness and your post just confirmed I am on the right track. I might us the walk, mud on the books analogy if you do not mind. Great post.

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