Monday Musings


…Monday…alarm clock noises…yawn…turn over and close eyes…

But, listen, win the morning, win the day. That’s what your brother’s motto seems to be and he’s right. Because how you approach a thing, how you start out will invariably determine your achievement. I know there’s a philosophy that says that it’s not how you start but how you finish, and there is some truth there, but I’m thinking it’s is only a good beginning that allows for a convincing finish and not a desperate dash. As always, there will be exceptions.

But, with your day, your week, if you get a good start, a start with a smile and a reason to be, then things can be a lot easier to take on. And there is some mental exercise to be done here even before you separate yourself from the sheets. If you’re like me and have to willfully drag yourself from the warmth, take time to tell yourself just how good things are going to be. OK, the day looks like it’s gone to sh*t before you even set foot on floor. So anchor to something good. That first cup of coffee. A solid belief that there is always a solution somewhere. If you believe in the Universe, know that the Universe is working to deliver the best to you. If you read Universe as God, then, the possibilities are endless. Know who you walk with.

Win the morning, win it a step at a time. Take it piece by piece. If it is a daunting day, an unwelcoming week, don’t see all the obstacles, see the next hour, the next task. Look at what you can win and having done so, tuck that under your belt and move on. I’ve climbed mountains and, whilst there is a lot of planning ahead of time, I don’t find myself thinking that I have seven days of hard work ahead. No, sometimes I only see the next 30 minutes and having overcome that, having tucked it under my belt, I move on with a sense of achievement and a little bit nearer.

So, before those feet hit the carpet, get your mind focused on the next hour and the success you’ll find. Coffee, hmmm.


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