Monday Musings

Hey Pogue,

It’s Monday morning. So, humour me while I take you back a few years. It’s to something that you probably have no interest in. It’s to a football match, a Champions League Cup Final way back in 2005, between AC Milan and Liverpool. Hang on in there with me, I know you are already showing signs of boredom. Football!

Why am I remembering it? Well it was epic. At half time AC Milan were 3 – 0 up. They’d run rings around Liverpool. Liverpool fans were reportedly leaving the stadium fearing an even bigger score in the second half. Milan left the pitch there in Istanbul at half time knowing they were the Champions of Europe. Except they weren’t!

So what went wrong. How can a team that had been so dominant for 45 minutes then lose everything? The reason was that by half time they believed they were there. They set a ceiling over they achievement and believed they needed to go no higher. I remember an Italian commentator saying that the Milan players looked like they’d spent the half time interval styling their hair. They set a limit and believed it was enough. IT WASN’T! And Liverpool, they came out for the second half and played like men possessed and had no limitation.

In 15 minutes during the second half we witnessed one of the great sporting come backs as Liverpool scored three times. Then went on to win on penalties after extra time!

Ceilings are man made. If you construct a ceiling you impose a limit, which when you achieve it, well job done, except you may be able to do more, be more, affect more, experience more, achieve more.

And other people will impose ceilings because they may have limiting beliefs about you. AC Milan certainly did. History testifies to plenty of people and teams that thought reaching their self created ceiling was enough and then the opposition went straight through it. How many people never achieve or realise their potential because someone has told them that this is their limit. I’ve heard the “she’ll never achieve much”, the life diminishing “you’re useless” or the “you’re not capable of that”. And for those who subscribe to that point of view, your life’s mapped out.

But, screw that!

So here’s the thing. Don’t set ceilings, or accept the one’s other will try and gift you, because at that point you have limited your potential. You have defined how good you can be. When you fulfill your potential you will know it. Determine to live a limitless life.

I’m told that great sprinters don’t run 100 meters or 200 meters. No, they run beyond the tape, They run through the limit and go beyond. If you play a game don’t think you’ve achieved enough until the final whistle. If you are doing ‘life’ don’t think it’s over until, as they say, “the fat lady sings”.

It’s a new week,


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