Monday Musings

Dear Pogue,

I’ve said before, I’m a people watcher, and as I watch I wonder, why, how, really!

Then once in a while, occasionally, very occasionally I will see a person who is filled with grace. Now I don’t mean a person who is able to move with elegance although that is always pleasing to watch. No, what I mean is that quality that is able to see the best in people who are demonstrating anything but the best. It’s the quality that few people possess that empowers them to be vulnerable and offer love to the undeserving when others hand out judgement. It’s entering every situation with tenderness and an openness that gives people room and permission to make their case known. Sometimes what a person needs most is the opportunity to make known their pain and the path that led them there, then find acceptance and understanding.

Grace is a rare quality in today’s world and I’d like to be known as a person full of grace. But it’s not easy is it. It is only in continually being reminded of my own of my small part in the out working of the eternal, the continuing invitation I find every morning to turn up and be involved that I am able to even start to realise any grace within my own life. That I never find myself alone when I go to silence, prayer or meditation no matter how I’ve behaved or what I’ve thought, that helps grace shine, ever so dimly, through my life.

I don’t say grace before meals. My bad. But then, surely, grace should be a way of life and not an aperitif?

Once again it’s Monday and if I say, “Go and live with grace this week” I think I would challenge you too much, so rather spend this week understanding that you are already the recipient of immense grace that invites you to turn up be involved in eternity today.

Live the best week you are empowered to,


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