Monday Musings

Hey Pogue,

Another Monday, a little more wisdom.

I was talking to a friend about life. We talked about what the future held and I found myself thinking back to the time we built the house. Many years dreaming and planning. Three years in the build. Then people said it was wonderful. They wished they could have a house like it.

Then after five years living in it, we sold it and moved away. I still remember people saying, “You can’t sell that house”. But we did and never regretted it.

You see there are, I’m convinced, seasons in life. Seasons when you do or own a particular thing. Seasons when you are in certain relationships. Yes, some things are for life but many things are for a period and then they come to an end. The magic lies in knowing when something has come to an end and being able to release it. Many people can’t do that for a variety of reasons. Fear of the gap that will be left. Needing assurance of the future first. Concern of what others may think. There are many reasons.

But the thing is, in giving up, moving on, we create the space for new things, for growth, for learning. And we can all know when a season has ended by listening to our lives, our bodies, our spirits. Summer rolls on into autumn and we know because we observe the signs. So in life. As things end the signs are there.

Don’t be afraid to move on. When something ends, something new begins. It’s the Way. As it says “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the heaven”. God’s design.

Enjoy the week,


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