Monday Musing


I finally replaced my sports headset. It was beyond saving being held together with tape🥺

So, mindful of how much use I got from my previous headset I was not precious about spending a little more money and getting a really nice pair of ear buds. My one concern was, I would get them home and be faced with a lengthy instruction manual as is so often the case.

Thing is, things are often so complicated these days as if value is to be determined by the size of the instruction manual. I think the world has lost its way. On my door at home I have, as you know, the quote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and I really believe that. Nature is simple but it works, perfectly. Thor Heyerdahl saw this and wrote “Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity”. He saw it.

In the week ahead let’s ask ourselves if what are we doing can be simplified. If, in our thoughts, we are overthinking things. Let’s ask if so called improvements are really that or just egos wanting attention.

And the ear buds? Out of the box, immediately connected with my device, offered me six simple onscreen instructions. No manual. Great sound and looking sexy😎 Sweet…

Now I’m off for a run.


One thought on “Monday Musing

  1. I do agree to a degree with progress complicating simplicity. There is a poem (don’t remember the title or the poet😅) that highlights this. How we have better technology but poorer communication, making money with less fulfillment…something along those lines. But there are still the simple things to enjoy, like a good run.


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