Monday Musing


This week determine to approach the world with an open mind. I think we all need to determine from time to time to open our minds because we establish beliefs, patterns we come to live by and fears of what we do not know.

This week ask yourself why you believe the things you do and why that other person believes differently. Seek to understand the beliefs of others and why they live as they do. You may not agree but at least you’ll understand and that will place you head and shoulders above the majority of those around you. But there is a chance you will find there is value in their beliefs, value that will enrich your life. You may discover why you believe what you do when you understand others, but in doing so make allowance both for them and yourself.

Be gentle. Be willing to acknowledge that not everything you believe is the best belief or even true. Be willing to make mistakes and be open to embrace change. Be happy to move on from where you have been, into a new future embracing things you’ve never embraced before and things you’ve shunned without trying to understand.

Go into this week with an open mind, accepting differences, free from judgement, respecting other’s perspectives even if you do not accept them as valid.

This week we will seek not to be right but to understand.

Again, have the best of weeks,


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