Monday Musing

Dear Pogue,

How about I start your week with a quote from Eckhart Tolle?

Sometimes letting go is a far greater power than defending or hanging on.

There’s truth in this which we need to take time to think about. Often the concept of ‘letting go’ is not something that is our cultural norm.

Now, please don’t confuse ‘letting go’ with ‘giving up’ as giving up is tainted with connotations of failure. It may be anything but failure but it can be seen as a gradual decline, the actions of a desperate or weak person being unable to maintain a grasp on the objective. This is not that. ‘Letting go’ speaks of a positive decision too release or disconnect from something or someone

‘Letting go’ stems from a decision consciously made, a decision that I will live without whatever it is. For me a positive decision, a knowledge of what comes after and an acceptance of that. ‘Letting go’ can be a very healthy thing to do and can bring new energy into our lives. Like ‘letting go’ of a poor, emotionally draining relationship enabling us to create fresh space and time and, maybe ridding ourselves of things that are negative or toxic.

We can find a degree of liberty by giving up ‘stuff‘ that we’ve hung onto because, well, we’ve bought into the myth of possessions and status. We’ve placed our identity in things instead of the knowledge of who we really are.

This week Pogue, let’s challenge ourselves with the question ‘do I really need this?’. Let’s be honest about what this actually adds to our lives or what we add to that failing relationship. If the answer is negligible we will make a positive decision to ‘Let It Go’.

No going back


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