Monday Musings

Well Pogue,

It certainly is a new world. So I went to the supermarket to do the weekly shop and I was behaving as I now have to in this new age. Mask on, 2 metres separation from other shoppers. I was feeling like I was in my world, perfectly happy and then, without warning a lady walked up to me and said: “I really like your mask”. She smiled sweetly and carried on shopping. I really had no context with which to deal with this. A year ago she might have said, “you have lovely eyes” (I do) or “I’m loving your jacket”. She could have said a hundred things and I would have received them, thanked her, and carried on with a smile. Who doesn’t love a cheeky compliment?

But, “I really like your mask”? Tell me, what do I do with that?

How easily people are adapting to the changed world. How easily we are transferring our habits and behaviours to suit the new normal. I ask you, are people really that adaptable or do we just not care to engage with what is going on? Is there a spirit of denial rising up? Like, are people burying their heads in the sand. Somewhere I read that the dance band continued to play whilst the Titanic sunk. What a metaphor for humankind.

Whilst my mask is way sexy I would rather deal in the world where we didn’t have to wear them and, so, will strive to come to a day when we no longer wear protection or do socially distancing. Join me in not accepting the new norm and working hard to return to the old norm. The world where wearing a mask into your bank was definitely not acceptable.

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. There is the idea though that after this shift we can’t fully go back to the old normal. Whatever that looked like. I do know that the weddings here look different and there is something positive in inviting only close friends and family and not spending a whole lot more on the event.
    I also know there are some people who have enjoyed working from home and if given the opportunity would also rather keep that going. So many dynamics but I get the heart of the old normal and that would be great to return to. But maybe the new normal isn’t that bad either 🤷


  2. I agree with you. Whatever this is, I don’t like it at all. I live with my children, with no masks in our home, and yet we have to all be wearing in the car – and if only one of them are with me, they have to sit in the backseat because apparently the front seat is too close. And if you don’t adhere to this, you run the risk of a traffic fine, and criminal record. Our country has gone ‘above and beyond’.
    Plus alcohol and cigarettes are still banned.
    And let’s not forget that my close friends and family are not allowed to pop in for coffee at my house, where the risk is minimal… but we can meet up at the casino with 100 other strangers.
    CRAZY times! Utterly ridiculous!


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