Songs to Pogue…what I’m listening to now.


Music is a unique medium. It can capture words, it can capture moods and emotions. It can change the way we feel and bring a smile, hope, love to a despairing canvas. And I use it to lift moods and, sometimes send messages and thoughts. Sometimes it puts into words things I struggle with and does so with power.

So I’ve chosen a song I’ve been playing that promises a better day. I’ve done this because, well I’m aware of people who need to believe in a better day, who need to know that things really will get better.

Pogue, let’s share this one and ask people to please take time to listen and absorb it, whoever you are. Music brings hope. It’s gonna get better by Sam Martin.

With the right music you can find hope, believe in a future that hasn’t yet arrived and begin to see a better day.

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