Thursday Thought

Old Souls

There is a beautiful thing inside you
that is thousands of years old.

Too old too be captured in poems.
Too old to be loved by everyone
But loved so very deeply
by a chosen few.

Nikita Gill

The soul, misunderstood by many, a myth to others and yet you and I know it is our soul’s that are the real being that we are. The rest is a costume worn for the current journey. Do not be confused into thinking you are your costume or you are found in your thoughts. Spend time, spend solitude, spend silence to know your soul and to know yourself. And be prepared to be surprised when you begin to discover that you are eternal, filled with creativity, possessing beauty and capable of so much you never imagined.

You are a precious thing so give yourself carefully to those who claim to love you for many love cheaply and you, old soul, are deserving of so much more.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thought

  1. Love this 🙂
    In my twenties, when people commented that I was an old soul, I would feel sad.
    In my thirties, there was an awakening within me that I am indeed an old soul.
    Now? I embrace it, and celebrate it.
    Thank you for the reminder that it IS a good thing ❤


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