The Harley Diaries. Lock down with attitude 5.


It’s done. I’m there. I’m free at last from the hours of torment I have had to endure. I know what people feel like when they reach the mountain’s summit, place their flag and stop to look out over the world. No doubt a frozen world and I have to be honest and say its quite warm here, but, whatever, you get my drift?

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is now resplendent on a shelf in the kitchen, looking bad arse, as only a Harley can. And me, I feel I need to go out for a ride on my bike.

Curse you lockdown.

These moments are meant for people such as me to rise up, don out leathers and like some warrior of old, ride out to right the world. Oh, and our crash helmets!

But, our time will come. You can’t keep a good man (or woman – no sexism here) down. The virus will retreat as it now knows the task is completed, Lego has been overcome, and the world is ready to be set free. And when we all return to some sort of normality, sit at bars drinking beer, go out for a meal, meander through shops assessing what we can’t afford, will anyone remember that moment when the tide was turned, when the Harley was completed and the gods knew they had met their match.

I doubt it. We’re condemned to a shelf in the kitchen and a blog (well, 5 actually) in history. Still, as said, every man has his moment, fame for 5 minutes and I guess I’ve had mine.

Pogue, thank you for the challenge, I’m a better person for it…I think.



P.s Lego make a rather nice BMW 1200GS. Not suggesting…but…

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