The Harley Diaries. Lockdown With Attitude 4.


Nearly there!

Not without stress I would add. Another piece had managed to avoid being contained in position at the right moment. You only discover these errant pieces when you come to build a new section, and this is, without fail, many stages down the line. Another moment when, as I struggled to get the piece into place, in the back of my mind I felt sure I could hear Lego designers sniggering. Incredible how they can reach over such a large distance to ensure one feels appropriately foolish and a little bit of a simpleton. Sadists!

In frustration and a little desperation I pulled off large chunks of Harley Davidson and then twisted and cajoled the errant piece into place. I must admit, with a little pride, when one piece just wasn’t going to fit without a major deconstruction, I improvised using some of the spare pieces. It worked. Magnificently. Suck that up Mr Lego!

So here I am, paused, gathering my inner resources for the last push. I now know how climbers feel as they wait one last time on the way to the summit. The next time I write I will be…standing on top of the world? No, no, no, I will have completed a Lego Harley Davidson.

Yours, feeling a looming sense of achievement,


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