The Harley Diaries. Lockdown With Attitude 3.


You need to know I’m sitting here browsing Amazon. I’ve entered the search term “daughter” and there are a number of options coming up, some on next day delivery! There’s a very nice young lady called Keira Knightly, little older than you but not much, and very affordable. And there’s Anna Kendrick. Both seem to have excellent qualifications for ‘daughtering’ and one scores 4.8 on the ratings. My finger is poised to add her to my basket and if this Lego experience continues in the same vain, I have options!

Why? Because I’ve just finished Packs 2, there are pieces left over, and on page 76 I missed a piece which apparently I need and I am now dismantling. A piece fell on the floor and I had to crawl around on my hands and knees for 5 minutes to find it and I found it when I knelt on it. Do you know how much pain a small piece of Lego can cause?

I now believe that the pieces left at the end are designed to make you question yourself. It’s a psychological thing. I mean, why would you be given 5 identical red pieces too much? Your mind immediately goes to: “Oh, no, I missed a section. These pieces need to fit into this somewhere”. Then you go back 50 pages and revisit every build stage…TWICE!

If this Harley doesn’t come together soon I will be exercising my options on Amazon. Now shall I add this one to the basket or put her on the wish list and carry on browsing. Maybe refine the search to: ‘Daughter’s who hate Lego’? Goodness there are several…..

One thought on “The Harley Diaries. Lockdown With Attitude 3.

  1. It sounds torturous. Never been much of a Lego builder myself, so I am not quite sure exactly what you are experiencing. But I’ve had similar experiences with other things, and I do feel for you. Even though it’s not always apparent 😛
    I still think though that the end product will be amazing and you should not give up.
    I don’t believe that an Amazon daughter could even come close to being an adequate replacement for yours 😉 and I know you agree 😛 😉
    Guess this is the point where you need to finish the project, and then do a blog post where you link the awful journey posts (which are very amusing) and end off with, ‘So never give up’ 😉


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