Brown sadness water



Another postcard to get your day off with a bang. I bet you rush to the letterbox now.

Well, I’ve been making a friend or two because of the correspondence we exchange. Now one of these people has been having a hard time this week because, well they thought they’d made a friend via WordPress. You know that site where people place blogs and read and comment to each other. Crazy place. Who wants everyone reading what you write? Well it turned out that things went wrong and suddenly all sorts of accusations were being made by the other person. This friend is like: “What, no, you’ve got it all wrong” and they genuinely meant it. But it went on and on.

So, Polie and I are sitting in a new coffee shop and discussing this, expecting an excellent cup. Our morning caffeine hit. And, by some bizarre error we were served decaffeinated. Polie was appalled and I thought I’d upset God.

It was a mistake but it sucked.

The thing is, life occasionally serves us something that sucks. And it may be no fault of ours. Wrong time, wrong place. I guess that’s what happened to our friend. Suddenly served something totally unexpected. No fault. It hurt and was unfair.

So you get served a poor coffee do you give up on coffee? Absolutely not. You find yourself on the wrong end of a relationship gone bad do you give up on relationships? Absolutely not. You’re allowed 24 hours of self pity then you get back into the game. Yeah there’s some bad people out there but there’s some really good ones too and knowing them will make us richer.

Like our coffee experience, don’t go back to that coffee shop, ever!Maybe go to an old faithful for a while. Get comfortable again, but then try something new. Ok, be careful, you wouldn’t want decaf twice in one life. Take advise, take time, check things out. But move on and get some flesh in the game.

Be careful Pogue. Choose your coffee and you your friends well and your life will be blessed.


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