On the road again

Dear Pogue,

So we’re on our travels again and what more appropriate than a postcard?

I have a blog that I share with a pair of rogues called Chris and Polie, a wayward moose and verbal challenged polar bear (he can’t say some of his r’s so things are all wight) who is quite wise. They are actually good company despite taking me from my comfort zone.

And there’s the challenge. If you really want to expand and experience life you have to step outside your comfort zone on occasions. Do it wisely and sensibly, that is, be safe. But do things that challenge you and take the scary path once in a while. It may well expand your horizons. One small step today, another tomorrow and who knows, maybe you’ll get to doing that big scary thing that seemed impossible.

Check out our adventures at www.poliepages.com and come and join our adventures.


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