The roadmap is only the start!

Dear Pogue,

What a week. Now we are beginning to pick ourselves up, gently, gradually and carefully. Be kind with yourself and let us return to being the aspiring free thinkers we have determined to become. We are those people aren’t we? As you’re a letter, a stamp, a post box and a post person away I’m going to take it that you nodded. Good. It’s a state of being that I’m having to work towards because, well, over the years I’ve received so much training, had so many books, been exposed to so much advertising, both overt and subtle that being a free thinker has been all but nullified. I guess that a teenage rebel spirit has always travelled with me and ensured my sanity. I am mindful that you, your sister and brother always said I was a “really random” thinker. Late though it may be, I’ll tell you now that those statements were so very affirming to the teenage rebel. Thank you.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, we’re getting people ‘like’ our correspondence, despite it being private, (the concept of privacy seems to have been assigned to history in our, new, media age). But, I guess it’s always nice to have someone like you for something. Sometime the world is a bitter place so we take the sweetness where we can.

Now amongst those people are a number who have surprised me because their writing, and I do checkout those who ‘like’ us, shows them as travelling in the mainline of their religion. Conservatives some are being (Yodo told me). I have read their stuff and more than once found what I would define as the ‘party line’. Rightly or wrongly I’ve considered these as those people who would object to, or even reject my writing. Let’s face it, I’ve cast aside conventional teaching on Hell, I’ve cross pollinated the concept of God with terms such as Source, Great Spirit, God and addressed the divine as both he and she (remind me to find a gender neutral term!). I’ve written of God as experience, magic, available now in fullness rather than something we may eventually achieve as we pass from this world. I’ve laboured to affirm the Great Spirit as part of our own creative being. Right back at the beginning I began our correspondence by inviting you to my revolution to overthrow religion in favour of spirit and spirituality. NO one has questioned me! Quite the opposite. I’m getting LIKED”! Oh, I feel so warm and fluttery, on the inside.

A spiritual person is so often a religious person who finally said I know there’s more and dared to go looking.


And here’s what I think is going on. I could be wrong, I have been before, but let me expound. Like me those who read our letters will have received teaching, training even, been exposed to concepts, to media. Some will have been so for years. However, buried deep inside there are questions that just won’t go away. There may even be an inkling of that most precious of things, the rebellious teenage spirit. Sometimes the more thoughtful ones, the real seekers are thinking: “There must be more than this”, and “surely God must be more personal, not just out there, a recipient of my prayers?”. Maybe something just doesn’t wear well. And I say this, not because I’m making a guess, no, but based on my own experience and struggle. My own inability to accept the status quo which hasn’t always been easy and has occasionally brought pain.

I think all I’ve ever wanted to do is say “Guys, this is not it, there’s a whole lot more than this”. It’s not words and no power. No, it has to be the whole deal or forget it. Words, power, presence. You see Pogue, if you only have the words, and in your heart you know what you have, it’s the same as having a roadmap but never making the road trip, and we love a road trip, don’t we? It’s having the knowledge you need to get to your destination, you take this road, you pass these mountains and the road touches the beach here. But you’re unable to explain the wonder of the ocean or the taste of the mountain air in the morning.

All progress begins with a brave decision.

Marie Forleo

I found a verse in the Bible, because I wanted to impress you. So the man Paul writes to his side kick Timothy (you see we are keeping the very best of company in our letter writing. No Facebook page for Paul! Respect), and says of certain people that they are “maintaining a form of godliness, but denying its power”.

Imagine that some of those who read our letters are like that. And if they are, how will we encourage them to listen to their intuition, to their emotions, to their spirit and dare to take a step away from their teachings and their doctrines to begin a new journey. As said, many have the roadmap and know it inside out. Now we need to get them to take the journey. To show them they can sit on the beach and breath the mountain air. The map was the means and not the end in its self. That God has filled the journey, and it is a journey, with wonder and magic and She will walk every step with us in real presence.

Choose to make the journey alone rather than stay with the crowd that is going nowhere. Once you start you’ll never go back.


The journey just got more exciting. Until we pick this topic up again I ask the Universe to bless each day and everyone who reads this letter, including you, with the rebellious teenage spirit. So let’s enjoy the road trip.

Yours, sitting on the beach,


2 thoughts on “The roadmap is only the start!

  1. I definitely agree that there has to be more than this. I’ve been heard saying it often – and my head thinks it often too. My heart knows there HAS to be. And so I continue with my journey, wherever the roads may lead, refusing to give up.

    “To show them they can sit on the beach and breath the mountain air.”
    ~ You hit the nail on the head with this statement, in particular the part ‘to show’. Help, guidance, a push in the right direction… and sometimes someone just telling you what to do to get started is needed…. important to your journey.
    Because life can be overwhelming and create other focuses that mislead; because past hurts and rejections can reappear in the silliest of ways to prevent someone from taking that necessary step.

    My journey continues. But I often feel lost. Guidance is everywhere, as are the small magical moments that reveal there IS more.
    Such a contradiction for someone like me : that pain of the past still manages to sometimes rob me of the confidence to pursue the more of the future.
    But I’ll keep trying.
    Striving for more.

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