Let’s get it all lined up

Dear Pogue,

I spend my day looking for opportunities. You tell me that God will open a door for you when you’re moving into your future and live expecting that to happen. That’s cool. Well I’m talking about the same thing, just, well sometimes we have different language in play. I want to be tuned to the big, the really big picture. So I am trying to see the synchronicities in the events of the day. You know, those magical moments when everything comes together and you’re just like, yeaaah, a smile and a mental high five.

Serendipity, such an evocative word, walking into moments or things of value which we’re not knowingly seeking. I don’t give credence to coincidence as I now feel sure that everything is meant to be. Which all brings me to yesterday.

It’s a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead centre of a target you didn’t even know you were aiming for.

Lois McMaster Bujold

We’ve had two or three weeks of wet, cold weather. I woke to you on the phone. Firstly, it was early! You need to get a life! But then it was sunny and dry, warm for a February morning, and you wanted someone to walk with. My first reaction was I don’t want to drive all that way and go for a walk. Bed was great. But then I realised serendipity was at play and this was an ideal morning to ride my bike. The start to a perfect day. And why wouldn’t I want to ride that iconic beast, wind in my face, bugs in my teeth, feeling free.


(n.) excessive desire to stay in bed

I know you don’t ride. I’m amazed we’ve maintained such a good relationship but let me create the moment for you to enable you to understand what is happening. Close your eyes and imagine the person you really love, there with you, toned and tanned, and in their black underwear and…anyway you’ve got the picture.

So I rose and rode the 25 miles to meet you. The sun shone, we walked, we talked and we drank coffee. It was an altogether good day with a 40 minute ride home. Everything had come together. Perfect.

What I’m wondering is, could we live life, day by day, like this. You’d call it living by faith. Words, your words. Let’s not let different words separate us as we are both focusing on the same experience. We’re embracing the same intentions for life but as I’ve already said, I’m going large and don’t want to be limited to single things, or answered prayers. I want the whole of life to exist as an answered prayer, things just fitting in place, being surprised by the unexpected, unfolding for our highest good.

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction? There are plenty of books about on this. The idea that we can cause things to manifest. Focus on it for a while. Build a dream board. Get your affirmations lined up. I’m aware many churches want to label this “New Age”, the modern term for witchcraft I’m sure, and distance themselves from it. But humour me and take a minute to think it through.

Firstly, how useful would a dream board be to focus the faithful in their prayers. Just drop the word “dream” and substitute prayer. There you are. A prayer board. A point of focus and a constant visual reminder. How hung up we get over words! Same with affirmations. Didn’t Jesus say something about getting everything we ask for in his name, believing? Well, what is an affirmation accept a statement of belief. A means, a tool to bring one to a place of belief? A statement of faith.

Then there’s the whole approach of a number of the exponents of the Law of Attraction where manifesting ones desires is presented as easy as going to the store and buying what you want. And it’s not, it takes work, it’s about a way of life, dare I say a relationship where we align ourselves with the universe, with God. Our life is moderated, is changed gradually, because, well how can you live in that relationship and it not be? And living in that relationship we dwell within the realm of possibility, the place where limitation retreats as we grow. Where things are working for our good and we learning to allow them and recognising them. Synchronicity just keeps happening. Serendipity is all about.

Synchronicity…a wink from the Universe.


How do you fancy living there? I feel like I’m asking Alice to come down the rabbit hole and saying: “But there’s a wonderful world down there”. But there is a wonderful world all about and we need to realise that and see it at work. Get into that relationship. Start believing. Feel the faith and go large. Ok, let’s make a dream/prayer board each and line up those affirmations. Who know, the sun may shine tomorrow and there will be possibilities. Even black underwear.

Yours, working on expecting big things,


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