Best Wishes

Dear Pogue,

Happy Christmas to you and everyone else who reads this. Not a letter, a card, a Christmas Card.

I hope you do better than Chris. Have a really good time throughout the festive season.

Best wishes


3 thoughts on “Best Wishes

  1. Yip.. “Who am I kidding… I’ll just buy my own stuff” 😛 Pretty much sums it up.
    Nothing under the tree for me… but the happiness in my heart is overwhelming.
    Tried the card thing this morning – only two recipients in total. Took an hour to select what I felt was the right one for each.
    I haven’t received any either – but the thoughts and warmth of those I come into contact with are like silent card greetings 😉
    Best wishes to you… best you shop for Chris this year 😛 😉


    1. Girl, put something under the tree just for you. And, make sure that it makes you smile when you open it! Wish we could put a card through your door to brighten the day. Miles forbid we do that. Sorry.

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