I didn’t say what you heard.

Hello Pogue,

Can you believe there was someone who got hold of a copy of one of our letters and took time to send a message telling that they had enjoyed it? I mean, I write to you and somehow these letters find they way into the wider world! Crazy!

But it made me smile.

However, having viewed their message I am not sure they read the letter in the way that I intended because they were left feeling the need to read their Bible “better”. This left me pondering, although still smiling as you have to enjoy the moment when you can. Catch that wave Pogue!

Now I’m sitting here asking myself if I really encouraged people to return to their texts when I wrote to you? Let’s pause a moment longer while I ponder some more and have a cheeky reread.

Ok, here goes.

I have been reminded that the intent that we invest in our words is not always the content that is taken from them. It’s like the words take on a life of their own when we send them out into the world. You see we need to allow for the fact that the recipient of our message does not stand in the same place as you and I (for that matter, even you and I do not stand in the same place). They have a different, unique history, different experiences and may even come from a different culture, as our letters seem to end up in the most unexpected places. They have another education, allowing that words we spell the same end up with differing meanings.

So what are we to do about this?

Me, I try to invest my writing with as much honesty as I can muster. I allow my emotions to fill the contents as to do less would be to lie to the reader and, perhaps more importantly, to myself. It would be like, “I believe this”, “feel this”, but I will tell you otherwise because I want you to like my writing. Can’t do it.

I believe that there is integrity in telling the story as it is, from one’s own perspective. It’s about being authentic. True to self if you like, which is cleansing and has a healing effect all of its own. It’s my own personal confessional. Very cathartic.

Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.


So I write from where I am in this moment in the world and you receive from where you are, and if the message changes during the journey, so be it. Another may pick up the letter in their place, their moment, and read something else. What can I do?

I have previously told you that the Great Spirit communicates in myriad ways and this is one of them. I write a letter warning against allowing a text, especially a religious text, from becoming an end in itself. I think I was encouraging you to hold these texts at arms length and I find I have encouraged someone to revisit these texts and read them “better”. And I’m sitting here thinking: “Where did that come from”. It came from me!


If you feel you are being directed to read it “better” then read it with an open heart and a listening spirit. Allow yourself unrestricted expectations when it comes to hearing what is invested in the text. Hardest of all, come to the words without all the conditioning that religion has undoubtedly placed on you, and me.

When you have read, then ponder. Sit in silence. Go from that place with the pages still open because, if you allow, you have entered a dialogue that can be continued as you go.

If God is omnipotent and omnipresent and all those other omni things, God can bring from the words you’ve read a conversation that will go on and on. Go on in your thoughts and feeling. In that song that’s playing. A chance comment…and more and more.

I invest in the words I write. If the Universe grows that investment and gives to you from the interest, who am I to question?

Yours, wrapped up in words,