Dream from where you stand.

Dear Pogue,

How’s your week going? I know you had to work some nights so I hope you have recovered.

I thought I’d like to share a few lines from a favourite song that always encourages me and helps me to be forward looking.

Whatever happened to the dreamers
They always look beyond the sky
Saw a world they could believe in
But only when they closed their eyes

Jack Savoretti, Dreamers

Our dreams are interesting things and a potential for good in our lives if we will allow them to be. So, permit me to use this letter to encourage you to dream and use your imagination to fill your dreams with your best possible world. Believe me, dreams have a power all of their own and can work to positively improve our lot.

In recent times a whole school of thought has developed around our ability to change and even create our own reality through the power of our thoughts. Someone once said: “You become what you think about all day long”. It is being taught that we attract to ourselves those things we think about and the longer we hold that thought the stronger the power of attraction.

Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here.

Mark Twain

So dream big dreams. But let me temper those dreams with a word of practicality. Dream from where you stand.

What do I mean?

Well don’t start from somewhere you are not, casting off your responsibilities, circumstances etc., and then dream. For example, a real down practical dream. A mother needs a new car. She’s always hankered after a Porsche. But…she has four children, so by all means go big, but go big with six seats, a large boot, four doors.

Get what I mean? She dreams Porsche, gets Porsche and then has a whole new set of circumstances to deal with. Don’t go there. By all means stretch yourself in your dreams. That’s what it’s all about. Create an image of the best possible version of your world, but let it be from your world. Commit to the power of the Universe to deliver. Reach. Wherever your world has you now you can still dream.

I meet so many people who live their lives accepting what they think they deserve which would be great if most didn’t have low, sometimes really low, expectations. Use that dream to improve your world, maybe step-by-step. Maybe you can’t imagine you’d ever be in that place you’d love to dream about so break it down into smaller steps. Bite size chunks. Maybe your best dream is big for you but small for someone else. So? Live the best life you can today and don’t allow yourself to be measured against others.

You’ve grown in an abusive household? Your parents divorced, badly! No one had time for you and at this moment you’d be glad of anyone’s attention?

Don’t do that!

Dream a better love coming into your life. Create a picture of what it looks like, feels like, behaves like. Dream some kindness in there even though you may have a very limited experience of kindness. Dream in the best kindness you can. Play your very best game possible in your dreams and don’t give up.

Enforce that dream if necessary by using aides such as a dream board. Basically a visual aide memoir where you put pictures, words, quotes that help you focus.

Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds for our future.


Don’t accept just anything because, if , for example, you are seeking a relationship and you’re coming from that place where there has been a void of love and attention, that is your experience, it’s what you know and understand, it’s what fills your thoughts, guess what, that’s what you’re going to get. Your expectations will be fulfilled so use your ability to dream something better and allow your dreams to raise your own awareness of your worth.

Finally, don’t define who it must be. Don’t seek love and tie it to a single person. Want to turn your dreams into nightmares by becoming fixated? No, let the Universe bring the return to you. If you decide you want a generous, caring, funny person in your life and, oh, by the way you know just the right person, you are in danger of becoming a stalker.

Forbid. And anyway, who knows best? You with your so limited experience or Universe who knows all things? You can’t lose.

The language of God is dreams and visions. You and I just need to learn to speak it.

Yours, filling my world with possibilities,


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