Their Kindness Made Me Smile


Not a letter but a note. I just want to share a little something with you.

You know I haven’t been writing to you for very long and I started so that we’d have a place to share views, thoughts and some frustrations as you’ll remember from the first letter? It was just me and you, letting it all out, shooting the breeze, shouting at the gods.

Well, people have started to read the letters. There was a time when we’d have thought: “How rude”, but we’re not those people any more and I think it actually pleases us to share our thoughts. People have liked what is being said. And you know what? Those small signs of appreciation, the desire of those who have elected to follow, they make me smile. So much so that I have found myself waking in the morning and wondering if someone has liked us while we slept.


They have also served as a reminder. You know I’m a “pay it ahead” sort of guy? I believe what you put out into the universe is an investment and the universe repays, often with interest. As someone told me, you give to get, and then that enables you to give away more, and the circle continues.

So today do an act of kindness, say something positive to a stranger, maybe just smile or like someones post. Like my post (I’ll grin all day). If someone doing that can set me up for the day isn’t it worth doing? It cost so little in time or effort but the benefits can be massive.

And remember, the universe doesn’t miss a thing so watch for it coming back.