The Articulate Silence


Dear Pogue,

Are you OK? I haven’t written for a while as I have been travelling. Travelling sort of messes with my head and crashes my routine, especially when there’s a time difference. When I am not writing I initially don’t concern myself. Then, as time passes, concern begins to creep up and eventually a mild panic as the days pass by. But as I sit writing this morning, an act of will, I know everything is alright. Why? Because I recognise that Source is filled with an infinite number of stories and as I rest and clear my mind, meditate if you like, then I can access these for inspiration.

I now know that it’s in silence, in non-action that I can be doing the most beneficial things. Less is definitely more. So let me encourage you to spend time in silence and rest within the intention of allowing yourself to touch the Infinite. Isn’t it written:

Be still and know that I am God.

But how often are you encouraged to do nothing in order that you may achieve everything? Paradox or what? Is it precisely the striving, the effort, the planning that hides God and the infinite from us? Is it the religion that so many are handed that actually distracts from knowing the Infinite? Go to Church, Synagogue, Temple, Meeting Place. Pray. Attend. Study. Read the book. Give your money and your time. Earn God’s favour. Work your way into enlightenment.


It’s all in inaction that we’ll find what we’re looking for. Not what religion teaches? Not what we would intuitively do. Not in keeping with our belief that things need to be achieved. Actions must be taken. Effort expended. Finding God is so counter intuitive.

Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.


Go out and sit in the woods or on that hill that looks down into the valley. Just sit and be silent. Try to not let your mind start telling a story. Understand that all about you is God’s handy work. Infinity is calling. As you sit there imagine you are in God’s back yard and feel a little awed.

Find a room. Remove the distractions. Then sit (you are allowed a coffee…Source’s gift to mankind). Note your feelings. God so speaks through feelings. Random thoughts? Pictures that occur. Note these. But don’t hold them, just let them come and go. Rather, feel the silence, honour the silence, immerse yourself in the silence and come away knowing what has been said. It really is the place that God hangs out and is always available to us if we will but take time.

Silence doesn’t create absence and emptiness, it makes room for presence.

You want to find God, Source, the Infinite? Then live counter intuitively and allow yourself to do nothing. They told you action was the path to God and inner peace. These actions, this giving, the need for submission. They Lied.

Yours, from a quiet place,


2 thoughts on “The Articulate Silence

  1. This is good (and relevant). This morning I went for a run… saw a bench and thought I should sit and watch. ‘Watch’ a word I keep feeling in this season. It’s so hard to stop, to be still, to watch, to rest. I find it hard. How do you stop? If I stop it’s time to sleep!


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