What’s Up Pogue,

Can I continue a thought I pushed off earlier this week? I mean, most thoughts have enough life in them to get two letters from don’t you agree?

Well I asked you if God was bothered about the ‘everyday’ things that make up so much of our lives. Whether we should live much more with an awareness of an unseen presence there with us, assuring us peace in our decisions and allowing a freedom to move forward in life. Give us confidence and balance. And yet there remain those who want guidance, a nod and a pat on the back at every stage. It’s the behaviour of those who are lacking in relational maturity and knowledge of the other in the relationship.

Then to rise above the concerned that can so easily embroil us, the distractions that arise day by day and cause us to take our eyes from the forward path, there is a transition in thinking that needs to be made.

It is said that time is a man made construct and it’s that construct that needs to be moved away from, needs to be abandoned. Unless you’re a nihilist you have a belief that life does not come to an end with death but, rather, that there’s something beyond. Let’s refer to that ‘beyond’ as eternity as it will sit easily in our minds and agree that we believe it goes on forever (and ever). With that thought in place answer me, what does a human life span look like? 70, 80, even 100 years of life lived against the span of eternity?

I’ve always pondered the existence of the Mayfly that lives for only a day. It seems unimaginable to pack a life of living into that time frame. However, it may be that the gods look on and wonder, in the same way, how it can be to believe we have only 80 years when we have eternity. Somewhere I seem to remember that it says that for God a thousand years is like a day? Such is omnipotence (or is it omnipresence?) I guess. Whatever, to appreciate the things that concern us are not concerns to God there needs to be a transition to an eternal mindset. That the actions of this moment are set against the eternal backdrop and, when you think in these terms, the significance of the decision you make may not seem so important, if important at all. That this is the unseen prescience that stands behind us, the parent watching from the kitchen window as the children play in the garden.

Understand that whatever you do now is an action in, well, in forever. If it goes wrong, doesn’t turn out as hoped for, causes pain that really is unfortunate but when you look back from somewhere down the line, out there in ‘forever’ how important do you think it will seem? Yes, you can’t know, it’s down to imagination, it’s in the realm of a Spielberg film at this moment in time for you and me, but it’s out there and…it’s coming😳

Yes there is assistance in your decision making but it’s not on a request/reply basis. Rather it comes from the relationship that is built, the understanding of the thoughts, the knowledge of the person, the level of synchronicity with the Universe’s energy, the taking of the eternal mind. The greater this is taken on the easier the better decision. It’s a relationship thing and that takes time, but then, you have…forever.

Yours, concerned my wardrobe might not be sufficient for eternity,


3 thoughts on “Time

  1. You’re just ingenious, my friend. Your thoughts are stunning. I found myself now smiling, now laughing, till that remarkable ending pulled my as off this chair with spurious laughter. Marvelous thoughts to be taken into account, to be analysed.


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