I thought I’d try to write a poem, inspired by the poets I read on WordPress. Tell me what you think. Should I write another🤔?

I thought I knew me

But now I know I didn’t.

And you could do no better and know no more

For just when I was ready to reveal myself

I was gone and then come again .

But was it me I wonder as all was made new,

I’d reinvented and shed a skin

To try another life

To write a further chapter of the evolving tale.

I could never bore you as I present afresh

As a yet to be told tale

And live life anew until the persona jades and tarnishes


Then yet another fresh chapter for reading.

Lazarus died and came again

How was his perspective changed by those hours in the tomb?

Was he returned with sufficient knowledge to reinvent?

Had all that had gone before been training for all that was to come?

And I,

What does the last life that I declare done

Declare completed

Contribute to what lays ahead,

I will write this life anew,

Then I will know and do it again.

5 thoughts on “Lazarus

  1. WOW! I love this poem! The line questioning how Lazarus’ perspective must have surely changed him in the hours spent in the tomb is my favorite. I never thought of it like that. Thank you.
    Yesterday someone told me that the dark, scary cave we fear to enter is where our treasure lies…

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