Monday Musing

Dear Pogue,

I told you recently that I had read Carlo Rovelli’s There are places in the world where rules are less important than kindness. When I bought it I was unaware of the author. I mean, an Italian quantum physicist! I know you think I can be random but even I do miss some things around the edges sometimes. However, the title intrigued me so I picked it up. It turned out to be a good read but today I’ve been musing over the title.


Well during Covid I’ve seen human behaviour go to extremes. At one end are those who given rules want to apply then to the letter and then at the other end the “it infringes on my human rights” brigade. Neither thrill me.

You see for me kindness is an overriding principle and yes, occasionally the rules need to be held up and viewed in the light of kindness. But kindness, kindness will always do the right thing. Not the soft thing or the easy thing. Remember the saying, “sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind”? Kindness can do strange things. It can bring you personal discomfort. It can make you stand out in the crowd. It can make you act for a persons long term good and not for what may appear best in the moment so others may misunderstand you. It can make you appear cruel and only time will reveal the truth.

Real kindness definitely isn’t soft. It will cause you to break the rules so it may require some personal bravery. But as a guide to life it is most definitely God given and to live kindly is to commit to live in a way and at a level that others may never attain. To live nearer God consciousness, closer to the force that holds the universe together and so, closer to perfection.

Rules. You don’t need them if you walk the path of kindness. And kindness never insists on it’s rights.

Make a difference this week.


The wisdoms is in the footnote

And remember…always be kind to yourself. It’s the heart of higher living.

2 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Very good post Wic. My husband is the kindest man I know. I see it operate in every situation and is a good example for me. It takes courage to be kind when one is faced with unkindness. Again, good encouragement.

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