The human experience

What’s up, Pogue,

Well, here some craziness that’s been running around my head. As Gordon Lightfoot once wrote:

If you could read my mind love
What a tale the thoughts would tell

If you could read my mind

It’s the letter I wrote you last week concerning Time. It really got me thinking. In fact, when I began writing I had no intention for it to finish as it did and never imagined that it would raise a question such as reincarnation. What am I like!

My thoughts are currently a series of questions and focus on our existence as spirits, or souls, having a human experience. Remember that in the last letter?

Well, for those who think as I do and believe that they are principally a spiritual being currently traveling along a human path there is a belief that we will not come to an end when our bodies die but rather we will vacate our bodies. For a period now I have thought that we pass on to Heaven or become one with the Universal force, however you like to term it. Whatever rock your boat, ehh? But currently I’m wondering.

Now there are those who think that this life is ‘it’. Like, you close your eyes for the last time and…nothing! The party is over. In religious language, “Elvis has left the building”. Don’t share this letter with them. They have far better things to do with their time!

What am I wondering? Sorry, I got side tracked for a moment. I was wondering whether one life time really gives us, that is us as souls, the ‘Human Experience’. Take a look around you today and try to see what is going on. How many human experiences can you see from your limited viewpoint?

Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars to show we turned up.

You’re having your experience (and very nice it is too) while others are living lives very much removed from yours. Some have great wealth and live unconcerned whilst some are worrying over where the next meal is coming from. Some get up and go out running 6 or 7 miles whilst there are those who rise to sit in a wheelchair day after day. You get what I’m trying to say? Which is having the ‘Human Experience’? Indeed, will it be that only in having the other’s experience that they will be able to appreciate what the ‘Human Experience’ truly is? Then, only if men and women swop gender will they ever to able to understand that part of being human? And cultures? Let’s face it, one span of human life even lived to its fullest extent can only give a very limited insight into what it is to be human. Think of a jigsaw. One piece, one life.

I am hoping that these rather errant thoughts make a little sense?

I suppose the crux of the matter is whether we really are spiritual beings seeking to understand what it means to be human.

Since these thoughts took root, at least tentatively, I have been reading around and, yes, there are numerous accounts of people recounting having been here before often supported by compelling evidence if we would but give it a thought. Children who know things about people from times gone by that they really shouldn’t know. Take a look around and you’ll find plenty.

If you ask me: ‘Is there a next life after death? Can you show it to me?’

I will ask you: ‘Is there a tomorrow? If yes, can you show it to me?’

Ajahn Chah

How do we explain these? Well the usual approach is too ignore them. After all, if we were to lend them any credence it would really mess with a lot of our religions. Just like near death experiences which, again, we abundantly record but generally push to one side. Are we really so closed minded to the world when it contradicts our common understanding? Or maybe I’m just one on my own running where angels fear to tread. Whatever, I’m enjoying the moment.

So I’m going to hand you this and challenge you to give it some thought.

Yours, thinking a lot,


3 thoughts on “The human experience

  1. Human experiences thank God are different and yet alike. God has created us all in His images and since sin came into the picture and we lost our relationship with the Creator everyone is trying in their own way to get it back. Oh, to be sure it’s called many many different things and most are not aware they are seeking a relationship with something or someone bigger then themselves. That seeking and striving brings countless experiences into our lives. I am glad I have to only be accountable for my own experiences. What intrigued me about the Creator was He was big enough to create yet made Himself small enough to live in me through His Spirit when I believed His Son died for me. Grant you my belief has allow me to see my human experiences in a different light then say one who does not believe the same. Each of us have a grid we view life through and it affects our world view on all matters. I for one do not grapple with who I am, a women. My heart is sad for those who want to be called we, them, us, etc. Wait, wait, God created man and women. I have a solid base to sift those kind of things through. In my day, we called it finding ourselves which I can say, I did find myself in the eyes of my Creator. He chose to create me a women. Opps, I am getting off the subject, I think. I like this seeking side of you Wic. Will be interesting to see where you land in your beliefs.


    • Glad you’re along for the journey. As you have previously indicated, God is omnipotent and omniscient so my seeking can never end🥴 But we’ll never get bored. I am a drop of water experiencing the ocean 🌊…and so are you😎


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