Songs to Pogue…what I’m listening to now💓

Dear Pogue,

We continue within our meditation of love, because, well, if we are to find meaning in our current correspondence then we need to immerse ourselves in it. I hope you agree? So, I’ve been looking at and listening to love of all different kinds and we’ve already agreed it has many faces.

OK? Well here’s a different face of love. Not love for another but love for ones home and I think I know a little of that because I really like where I live. When I travel I’m never sorry to return home. I look forward to it. Not that I’m waiting for the trip to end. No. I’ve had some great adventures prior to the pandemic but coming back is never less than great. Hope that makes sense?

Here’s another type of love from Jack Penate with Torn On The Platform. Please enjoy.

Have a good one,


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