Songs to Pogue…what I’m listening to now👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨


It’s Valentines Day. Young men’s hearts are turning to love💕 and roses have trebled in price. That’s romance.

But commercialism aside, romance still fills the air and so I have spent sometime listening to and trying to define my favourite love song. There are so many songs about love! Have you ever noticed that. Like we all aspire to this idealised relationship with that right person. And it’s, for the most part, fantasy because love is hard work and the work goes on and on. Like flames that need feeding to continue to burn🔥 But, if the works put in, it should get better and better…but you’ve heard all this I’m sure.

So my favourite love song? Well there isn’t one. Nights In White Satin is hauntingly good and reaches deep. The Power Of Love is a classic. But I’ve looked for something a little less well known and settled on Tom Odell’s Grow Old With Me and….I can’t embed it so you’ll have to follow the link.

However there is one other song which I’m sure you’ve never heard and its a special song from way back when we had long hair and flared jeans 😳. But it’s Valentine’s Day and I feel I can be indulgent so listen to this as well. Home Thoughts From Abroad by Clifford T Ward. And I can’t embed that either. Curse you Red Baron

Enjoy the day.


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