Monday Musings

Dear Pogue,

A poem to start the week. I haven’t done a poem before.

Little boy I miss you, with your sudden smile and your ignorance of pain. You walked through life and devoured it with nothing but misty goals to keep you company. You wandered through quiet woods with friends and you were startled by a shuffling porcupine. Your heart beat mightily when you chased frogs and caught one to big for a single hand. There was no time for meaning. A marshmallow gave it on a sharpened stick. A jack knife in your pocket gave you comfort when your friends were gone. A flower hidden in the woods, behind an aging shriveled log. A dog who licked at your fingers and chewed at your jeans. A game of football that you didn’t expect, a glass of cider, a crickets cry.

When did you lose your eyes and ears. When did taste buds cease to tremble? Whence the sullenness, this mounting fear, this quarrel with life, demanding meaning?

When did you lose your eyes and ears. When did taste buds cease to tremble? Whence the sullenness, this mounting fear, this quarrel with life, demanding meaning?

That mounting fear is leisure’s bonus and it’s the pain that forbids you to be a boy.

-James Cavanaugh

Don’t ever lose that inner child and learn to listen to it. Remember what it was like to wonder at life. Shall we make this week “Inner Child” week?

Have the very best of weeks,


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I am thinking my inner child is grown up but I enjoy being grown up since my body is frail. When I think like my inner child is when I do things that cause me pain. A few days ago I felt the need to run…only to find I cannot run anymore like the carefree child. It made me wonder if I had to run for my life, could I. NO, NO, NO. In pain today and all I did yesterday was be a grown up. Today, I am not acting upon my inner child except to love the sunshine on my face. I love how it makes this aging body feel as I soak it up. You run with your inner child today, see where he takes you. Enjoy.


  2. I’d rather be in the mountains thinking about God than in church thinking about the mountains. John Muir
    Wic, as you can see I did click over and read your very good post. Several questions come to mind as I read as to what you actually believe about God. You are so right, there is so many beliefs out there to pick from which can confuse seekers. As for me…as wonderful as nature is, the humans God created is more of a wonder for me. The created eyes that see the nature, the ear that hears, the hands that feel, the feet that walk it, all and so much more was spoke into existence which is what the Bible says. You sound a little new age but I could be wrong. Your little, “her”, reference I hope was just for fun. It’s stimulating to bat back and forth about God but one must land somewhere because this world is only for a short time and then we go into another world, eternity as the Bible calls it. Unless one believes they are coming back as a frog or something else the question, where will I go when I die, is the foundation of beliefs. It’s that question of wondering where the babies I miscarried went that caused me to seek answers as to what I believed. As much as I would love to have church on a mountain everyday that still does not give me a firm foundation to the question. I am curious as to how you would answer that question…where would you go when you die and why do you believe that? I am not looking for an argument, but am wondering because, well, because the God I believe in loves his creations, people so much He sent His son to die for them. He did not die for nature, but people, you, me, everyone, John 3:16. He loves people. And yes, one way He shows us is through His created nature.


    • Thank you for your comment and the time you took to write it. Firstly, I’m glad you wouldn’t argue with me because neither would I with you. I’ve been in that place in my journey and there is no peace there. Secondly, my use of “her” was not for fun as I explain in Before You Read My Blog in the menu. I have explained my use of language because I do not want to cause issues.
      Your question “where would you go when you die” demands a future blog although I have previously written on a number of my beliefs.
      Am I New Age? I don’t think so, rather someone seeking an answer as explained in my very first blog. The god the world has shown me on many occasions is just to small and arbitrary for my liking. As I have written, I’m a Big Godder.
      Again, thank you.


      • The seeker in you come through in your blog post. I am drawn because I remember my seeking days. So many questions to get answers to would face me daily and everyone had the answer. Go to church, get baptized, confirmed, do good, give up this and this and this, I wanted a relatable, one who knew me better than anyone but still wanted to mess with me. I really don’t think I would have went for a she, not sure why , but God had to be bigger than man or women, yet personal like a person for me. That is where I Jesus came in, He was so human but so God at the same time. That He was perfect and would die for me was beyond any other god I had read about. I wanted to be loved unconditionally and he would do that. Journey on, there are many road offered out there and you can chose. Choose is the free gift the God I worship gave His creation. The wind has to blow when he says blow, the ocean has to roll how he says roll, nature is His and His to use, He did not give them a choice but we human get to choose, what a blessing. Keep seeking.


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